KISS-Bassist im Interview

Gene Simmons über die Jugend von heute


In einem Interview mit dem Nachrichten-Portal äußert sich der KISS-Bassist Gene Simmons über die Einstellung der Jugend von heute und spricht von der damaligen Zeit, als er nach Amerika kam.

„Viele junge Leute haben doofe Ideen, sie sind einfach noch zu jung. Das nennt man die Torheit der Jugend. Wir denken wir würden alles wissen, aber das ist natürlich falsch. Wir sind Idioten – mich mit eingeschlossen.“

Gene Simmons im Interview: „A lot of young people have stupid ideas. And a lot of young people have stupid ideas because they are young; it’s called the folly of youth. We  think we know it all; we actually don’t. We’re idiots — myself included. And I remembered as a kid ‘Never trust anybody over 30.” Well, guess what? The coolest people are. The people that play stadiums around the world are not only over 30, but they’re over 60. Will you still love me when I’m 64? F***, I’m going to be 65, (Mick) Jagger is 71, (Paul)  McCartney is 72 I think it is. They’re playing stadiums! Who’s 20 years old playing a stadium? Nobody! So all those silly ideas as kids are based on how far we could see. And life is actually much bigger than we  think it is.


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I came to America with my mother — as legal immigrants I might add. There is a difference. And when I realized the greatness of America —  even though I was born in Israel — I knew this is the promised land. As you know, there’s a big arab population in Michigan, but in American everybody can walk side by side and have a discussion and nobody trying to kill each other because of their ethnicity or religion. American is a holy land. It’s just the place where people can just work it out and talk it out.“

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